Rosh Hashanah begins Sept. 29

Rosh Hashanah, literally meaning the "head [of] the year," is the Jewish New Year. Read More.

The importance of resting from your labors

Hebrews 4:10 says, For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.  Read More.

Racial disparities in breastfeeding

African American mothers breastfeed at lower rates than other groups of women for a myriad of reasons and since August was Breastfeeding Awareness Month.. Read More.

Integrity: The Guarantee for Success (Book Review)

The Bible records in both Daniel 5:12 and Daniel 6:3 that the Prophet Daniel had an “excellent spirit.” Read More

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Benefits of Being a Part of the Family

There was a lady at our church who has been a longtime member. She is well into her senior years now, but for many years she was a wonderful volunteer.. Read More

Testimony of the Grace of God

I joined Every Increasing Faith in 1979, and I loved the way Dr. Price presented the Word of God. I loved the way he broke it down and how his voice would change when he wanted to get his point across. I also loved the way he would always answer a question. I guess I am the same way. While all my life I have always said I walk by faith and not by sight, and faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, really not knowing it fully because I was still in the world, young and testing the waters.

But deep down inside the seed was planted, and thanks be to God I did not fall too short. I had to experience some things to learn and move on. Losing my parents at a young age and being raised by my elders, having children out of wedlock, drinking and having fun, but I still managed to go to church and pray. With the help of Jesus, I always had a job. I was able to maintain myself and family. I was raised in the Episcopal church, but sometimes attended the AME or Baptist church as a young girl. I would like to think the foundation was always there.

But God gives us choices, and I made some bad ones, as well as good ones. But looking back, I think it was all good. What teaching and experience I have had! And now I have my own ministry called the Kingdom Warriors Outreach Ministry. I pray every morning before I get out of bed. I have listened to KCM and, of course, Ever Increasing Faith when I can catch it, as well as Joyce Meyers, Joseph Price, and I love Jesse Duplantis. I was glad to know that you are friends.

I have been on radio. I go to different neighborhoods and pray. I live in Harrisburg and I pray at the dome every Sunday morning. This is my assignment from God. I do videos. You can see me on Facebook   under Kingdom Warriors Outreach Ministries or Joyce Vanderhorst-Gamble. My testimony is I thank God for Ever Increasing Faith being a part of my young life and for planting seeds and reinforcing some of my family values. I did stray, but the Spirit of the Living God sustained me. And Now I am working on extraordinary faith. Thank You, Jesus.

One more thing before I close: when I was five years old and went to my father’s Catholic Church and saw this man on the cross.¬† Fear set in, but compassion was greater. Later I found out that He did this for me. OMG! How can I ever repay Him? This was the first seed.

Now I am a Kingdom Warrior for the Lord, and I sing and worship every opportunity I receive. Thank you for your teaching and I will be praying for your family. Remember: we walk by faith, not by sight.


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