Easy steps to breast health

If you had the opportunity to make a difference in your health in 5 minutes, would you take it? Read More.

Unbelief causes us to miss God’s best

Traditionally, the church has conditioned believers to think that being a Christian is hard work, with nothing but trials, tribulations, heavy loads, and burdens.  Read More.

Alzheimer’s impact on blacks

As the aging population continues to grow, so will the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and worse yet, Blacks will be hit hardest.Read More.

Race, Religion & Racism, Vol. 3 (Book Review)

In his third and final volume of the Race, Religion & Racism series, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price juxtaposes Christianity with Islam. Read More

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Benefits of Being a Part of the Family

Sometimes it takes work to get along with other members of God’s Family. My children were just like other children when they were coming up. Read More

Testimony of the Grace of God

Because of Apostle Price and Dr. Betty’s teachings on faith, I received healing from anxiety. I recovered from blood pressure of 180/200 with blood on my brain. Our property was removed from foreclosure after numerous denials. We were able to pay our daughter's college tuition from freshmen year to graduation when no natural way seemed possible. She graduated May 2018. Praise GOD for the Prices! Let’s imitate them as they imitate CHRIST!
Mrs. Patricia Blackledge

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